Reaching our goal can be achieved through the support and generosity of our Lord and the commitment of sponsors like yourself. Race 2 College offers various levels of sponsorship based on the annual revenue of your organization ranging from $100 for small non-profits to $2000 for large for-profit businesses.
Sponsors are eligible to have their logos displayed on our website, newsletter, facebook page and T-shirt (if registration is prior to Monday October 8th 2pm EST). Additionally sponsors can send a number of participants to represent the organization as shown below.

Race to College is open to all ages and backgrounds. We expect approximately between 200-500 participants. The purpose of this endeavor is to raise $20,000 in scholarship funds for students who wish to start complete their undergraduate credential.  

You will be able to set up a table to advertise about your organization and upcoming events. Your logo will also be displayed on our mailing list, facebook, and website.

Small non-profit organizations

(Less than $100,000 annual budget) – 10 participants

Non-Profit Sponsorship
(For non-profits with annual budgets of more than $100,000 and less than $2,000,000) – 20 participants

Small Business and Large Non-Profit Sponsorship
(For profit businesses with budgets less than $1,000,000 or non-profits with annual budgets over $2,000,000) – 40 participants

Corporate Sponsorship
(For-profit businesses with annual budgets over $1,000,000) – 50 participants

Other Donation
Choose your own contribution amount
To join our 2013 sponsors list please contact us by emailing us – see contact page fr details.

Race 2 College 2012 Sponsors