The location of race will be at Centennial Park, Howard County.  The park is extremely peaceful and beautiful.  Click here to look at pictures.

Why run?  Well, not only is it a good form of exercise, but your supporting a really good cause.  In an article on student dropouts by, it is estimated  that 2.8 million new students enroll in higher education every year.  “Of this number, only one in five students who enroll in an associate’s degree program graduate in three years, and two in five who enroll in a four-year plan graduate in six years. Students who face paying for tuition themselves may not be able to afford the tuition for extra years.”  So as you see, paying for college is a big responsibility for these young students.  It is essential that they be provided the means to complete their education.  By joining this race, you can make a difference in a students life by assisting them with their financial difficulties.

For a recent full article click here.

The goal of this race is to raise $20,000 in scholarships for college students.  This will be used to support 20-40 college students in the Spring 2013 semester.

Runners ages 8 and above can join.

Individual tickets are $45 and families of 3 or 4 will have tickets for $32 per person.

You can click here to sign up for the race.